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Custom Software Application Development Services for Evolution 35 Case Review

“Outstanding Experience with Algovi Software!“ – Evolution 35 We present the full review of our client Evolution 35 where we were able to develop a custom software solution for their travel company. We were very happy with the results. It was a hassle free project that continues to improve with the help of the Evolution 35 team.

Algovi Software Custom Application Development Review

Dear Algovi Software Team,


I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional service and product that Algovi Software has provided to my travel agency.


As the owner of a travel agency with a sizable call center, we were facing numerous challenges with the traditional methods of managing reservations using emails and Excel. The inefficiencies and issues, such as corrupted files and the complexity of sharing documents, were hindering our operations and affecting our overall efficiency.


Fortunately, a friend recommended Algovi Software, and it turned out to be a game-changer for us. From the moment Rene Gómez, a representative from Algovi Software, visited our call center, I knew we were in good hands. Rene took the time to understand our day-to-day operations, discussing our needs, wants, and wishlist for a more streamlined solution.


The result was a personalized platform that has become an indispensable part of our operations. One of the standout features is the pop-up window that displays customer profiles instantly when they call in. This has significantly improved our customer service by providing our agents with quick access to relevant information.


Moreover, the text and WhatsApp interface integrated into the platform has been a game-changer. Now, our agents can send confirmations via text, enhancing communication and making the reservation process smoother for both our team and our clients. The platform also offers historical data and other metrics that were previously unavailable, allowing us to make more informed decisions.


Since implementing Algovi Software’s travel reservations platform, our agency has experienced increased efficiency and profitability. We can’t imagine going back to our old methods, and we owe this positive transformation to Algovi Software.


Thank you for your dedication, professionalism, and for delivering a product that has exceeded our expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Algovi Software to any business looking for a comprehensive and tailored solution to their operational challenges.


Best Regards,



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